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Bapital Information

  • Bapital was founded on March 13th, 2022
  • Bapital is located at Level 1, Central One District C1 Building, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Bapital can be contacted by emailing
  • For media/advertising inquiries, contact
  • Bapital's official social media profiles include Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

Objectives Of Bapital

The objectives of Bapital include:

  • Trading & Investing Information: Bapital provides trading and investing information from day trading, swing trading, long-term investing and position trading.
  • Technical Analysis Education: Bapital offers education on technical analysis concepts from technical indicators, chart patterns and technical analysis software reviews.
  • Fundamental Analysis Education: Bapital offers information and education on fundamental analysis from reading 10-K statements to understanding intrinsic value.
  • Investing Product Reviews: Bapital offers in-depth reviews on many financial products from brokers to charting providers.
  • Financial Topics Dictionary: Bapital offers a financial dictionary with definitions on many financial topics.
  • Stocks, Forex, Bonds & Crypto Analysis: Bapital provides analysis on stocks, forex, bonds and cryptocurrency markets.

How Bapital Makes Money

Bapital makes money in three main ways, affiliate marketing, advertising and our own product sales.

Affiliate marketing revenue occurs when you, the reader, clicks on a link and buys a product we recommend. Typically, Bapital will earn a commission on every sale.

Bapital also makes money through advertisements. These are simply the advertisements a reader sees on the website or in the newsletter.

Product sales are self-explanatory. Bapital makes money when you buy a course or a product we own and sell on our website.