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The Best Twitch Channels To Learn Technical Analysis

Patrick Stockdale
Written by Patrick Stockdale | March 15, 2022

Twitch is a popular streaming website that has grown in popularity with traders and investors.

There are now a large number of Twitch streamers that focus exclusively on providing trading and investing information.

Some of these Twitch streamers offer great education on technical analysis.

These channels help new traders learn about the topic of technical analysis, technical trading indicators and price chart patterns.

New viewers can watch streamers, traders and experts apply technical analysis in real time to price charts of various financial markets.

The best Twitch channels to learn about technical analysis are:

  1. Winternomics: Best for learning technical analysis in multiple financial markets
  2. Tr4d3r10: Best Twitch channel for learning technical analysis in the cryptocurrency market
  3. RegoTheTrader: Best for community of new traders and investors learning technical analysis together
  4. Holdnut: Best for using technical analysis in swing trading


Winternomics is a Twitch streaming channel that covers topics including trading, investing, technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

The host of Winternomics is a technical analyst with over 20 years of trading experience.

He has also been a featured guest on CNBC Africa’s ‘CryptoTrader’ & is the creator of the Binary Fractal Trading model (BFT).

Winternomics Twitch Channel Quick Facts

Below are some quick facts about the Winternomics Twitch channel.

  • Videos are released pre market on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Videos & streams cover market analysis of various capital markets from Cryptos, Stocks, Forex and Commodities
  • Subscription to the Winternomics stream costs $5.00 per month

Why Winternomics Is A Great Twitch Channel To Learn Technical Analysis

The Winternomics Twitch channel is great to watch because:

  • It provides information in a laid back approach on the live streams: Viewers can enjoy the hosts discussions on the financial markets in a laid back style.
  • It offers education on using technical analysis in multiple markets: Viewers can easily see technical analysis concepts, indicators and patterns being applied to crypto, forex, stocks and commodity markets in real time
  • It’s inexpensive to join the stream: Subscribers can join for just $5.00 per month.
  • Viewers can easily ask questions and get answers: Viewers can easily ask questions and get answers in real time from the live chat function on Twitch.
The Winternomics Twitch channel offers viewers live streams and videos on topics of trading, investing, technical analysis and also real time market analysis.


Tr4d3r10 is a trading and investing Twitch channel with the main focus on education in the cryptocurrency markets.

Tr4d3r10 Twitch Channel Quick Facts

Below are some facts about the Tr4d3r10 Twitch channel.

  • The stream is on for 24 hours a day but commentary occurs at certain times of the day. Just type the word “!notifications” into the live chat to get a timetable of when the trainers and educators will be live and available on the stream
  • There are educational videos on price action, reading price charts, technical analysis and risk management
  • They channel offers free tools to make trading easier including a free risk calculator, a tool to make it easier to trade on Bitmex, Binance, Kraken, Bybit etc.
  • Viewers can book private coaching from trainers and educators that host the channel

Why Tr4d3r10 Is A Good Twitch Channel To Learn Technical Analysis

The Tr4d3r10 Twitch channel is good for learning technical analysis because:

  • It offers great education in real time on cryptocurrency live charts: The twitch streamers offer training and viewers can watch technical analysis indicators and chart patterns develop in real time.
  • The nightbot in the live chat of the Twitch stream offers viewers links to educational videos: The nightbot feature in the live chat offers links to helpful videos on price action, technical analysis and the basics of trading cryptocurrencies
  • There are many great live streams offered by the twitch channel for free: Viewers can watch helpful live streams on technical analysis of capital markets completely free
The Tr4d3r10 Twitch channel offers technical analysis educational videos on the cryptocurrency markets.


RegoTheTrader is a Twitch channel hosted by a trader named Rego. The channel offers its viewers information on trading in the cryptocurrency markets.

RegoTheTrader Twitch Channel Quick Facts

Below are some facts about the RegoTheTrader Twitch channel.

  • The Twitch channel is hosted by a full time trader named Rego
  • There are live trading videos on the channel
  • Streams occur daily during the weekday

Why Is The RegoTheTrader Twitch Channel Great For Learning Technical Analysis

The RegoTheTrader Twitch channel is great for learning technical analysis because:

  • It offers access to a full time trader’s analysis: The Twitch channel offers viewers access to a full time traders perspective of the crypto markets
  • The channel covers multiple indicators: The stream regularly covers many trading indictors from Volume Profile to Fibonacci Levels and Trendline Support and Resistance studies
  • Viewers can learn technical analysis in real time: Rego provides real time technical analysis of the crypto markets so viewers can watch how to apply indicators and price patterns in real time
  • Viewers can ask questions in the live chat: Viewers can easily ask any question in the live chat and get their questions answered regularly
  • The stream is offered for free: Viewers can watch the stream and learn about technical analysis completely free.
  • Viewers can watch live reaction to market moving news events: The channel usually streams during market moving economic news announcements like the FOMC meeting
The RegoTheTrader Twitch channel is an educational cryptocurrency trading and investing channel offered by host and full time trader Rego.


Holdnut is a Twitch channel that educates viewers on trading of options and stocks. There is a particular focus on technical analysis strategies to read the price charts.

Holdnut Twitch Channel Quick Facts

Below are facts about the Holdnut stream on Twitch.

  • The stream is live Monday to Friday 6:30 am – 1:00 pm PT
  • The host has been investing and trading since 2012
  • The host has been mentored by a chartered market technician and former Nasdaq market maker

Why The Holdnut Twitch Channel Is Great For Learning Technical Analysis

The Holdnut Twitch channel is great for learning technical analysis because:

  • There are regularly technical analysis study sessions: The host offers regularly technical analysis study sessions where viewers can watch as he analyzes various price charts with technical analysis
  • The live chat is a great place to find trade ideas: The live chat is a great place to find trading ideas with members regularly posting trade setups and technical chart pattern setups
  • The channel shares real time chart annotations for viewers: The host draws trendlines and marks out major resistance and support levels to help educate viewers
Holdnut Twitch channel offers viewers education on technical analysis in the options, crypto and stock markets with a particular focus on swing trading.

How Can You Find Top Technical Analysis Streamers On Twitch?

To find Twitch channels and streamers that educate their viewers on technical analysis, use Twitch’s search bar and search for ‘technical analysis’.

This should bring up a list of streamers that offer technical analysis lessons live on stream.

Another option is to filter by categories on Twitch. Popular categories on Twitch that offer technical analysis are the “Stocks & Bonds” category, the “Finance” category and the “Stock Market” category.

What Makes A Twitch Channel Good For Technical Analysis Learning?

The best twitch channels for learning technical analysis all:

  • Allow viewers to ask questions and easily get answers
  • Allow viewers to watch technical analysis of capital markets in real time
  • Provide trading and investing basic information at a minimum
  • Are qualified either through experience or actually qualifications to teach others

If a Twitch channel meets these criteria, it might be a good resource to learn from.