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The 7 Best Instagram Accounts To Learn Technical Analysis

Patrick Stockdale
Written by Patrick Stockdale | June 2, 2022

Instagram is a great social media app for new traders to learn about trading and technical analysis, chart patterns and the application of technical indicators in a financial market.

There are a number of Instagram accounts that can help rookie traders learn everything about technical analysis.

These Instagram accounts provide price chart images and short videos of various markets with technical analysis insights and education.

The best Instagram accounts for learning technical analysis are:

  1. Nial Fuller @nialfuller: Best for learning about candlestick patterns in technical analysis
  2. The Trading Channel @thetradingchannel: Best for technical analysis strategy education in the forex market
  3. Elliottwavecount @elliottwavecount: Best for learning about Elliott wave theory on price charts and applying the theory to multiple timeframe charts and markets.
  4. Stocky Trader @stocky_trader: Best for visual lessons on technical analysis topics like candlestick patterns, Fibonacci and technical analysis terms.
  5. Trader Vishal Sharma @trader_vishal_sharma: Best for providing images on various chart patterns in technical analysis
  6. Charles Payne @charlasvpayne: Best for multiple timeframe chart analysis using technical indicators and chart patterns
  7. Thomas @vagafx: Best for offering technical analysis of the forex market

Following these Instagram accounts will help improve all areas of technical analysis knowledge and provide different perspectives.

Nial Fuller

Nial Fuller Instagram Account

Instagram username: @nialfuller

Nial Fuller is a professional trader and money manager from Australia. He founded where he teaches his trading strategies.

His Instagram account can help a trader because:

  • There are many posts with forex price charts and candlestick pattern strategies annotated on them
  • He provides help with technical analysis price action setups
  • He offers images with trading and technical analysis quotes
  • He shows how to use technical analysis to enter and exit a trade with a particular focus on price action trading

The Trading Channel

The Trading Channel Instagram Account

Instagram username: @thetradingchannel

The Trading Channel is an Instagram account by the Trading Channel founder, Steven Hart.

Traders should follow The Trading Channel on Instagram because:

  • He provides images and short videos on technical analysis strategies and rules to trade using technical analysis
  • He highlights technical analysis concepts like support and resistance levels in his posts on Instagram
  • He shows how to find buy entries using technical analysis
  • He shows how to find short entries using technical analysis
  • He explains technical analysis terminology in his videos on Instagram


Elliottwavecount Instagram Account

Instagram username: @elliottwavecount

The Elliotwavecount Instagram page provides followers with:

  • Images of Elliott wave theory analysis in various forex markets
  • Multiple timeframe technical analysis in the currency market
  • Example trade entries and exits using technical analysis and chart patterns
  • Images of using technical analysis for setting stop-loss orders and where to ideally place them
  • Calculations of risk vs reward by using technical analysis strategies

Stocky Trader

Stock_trader Instagram Account

Instagram username: @stocky_trader

The Stocky Trader Instagram page is useful for learning technical analysis because:

  • It provides images with a glossary of technical analysis terms and explanations
  • It provides images of explainers on candlestick patterns including hammers, dojis, morning star etc.
  • It provides images with chart pattern explainers. Examples include an ascending triangle definition, cup and handle definition, head & shoulders definition etc.
  • It shows how to mark supply and demand zones on the price charts of a capital market
  • It shows images of how to find rising trends and downtrending markets
  • It shows examples of the different types of price charts used in technical analysis

Trader Vishal Sharma

Trader Vishal Sharma Instagram Account

Instagram username: @trader_vishal_sharma

The Trader Vishal Sharma Instagram account is helpful for learning technical analysis because:

  • It provides definitions of candlestick patterns and chart patternsused in technical analysis
  • How to identify uptrends and downtrends using technical analysis
  • How to trade specific candlestick patterns and chart patterns
  • How to spot technical divergences between different technical indicators
  • How to trade breakouts by using technical analysis
  • Explanations on how to trade price gaps in the market

Charles Payne

Charles Payne Instagram Account

Instagram username: @charlasvpayne

The Charles Payne Instagram account is helpful for learning technical analysis because:

  • He provides images of technical analysis of various stocks
  • He highlights important support and resistance zones on the price charts of stock markets
  • He provides information on top books about technical analysis
  • He uses chart patterns and trading indicators to help provide logic and understanding to the price action of markets
  • He highlights the top chart patterns to use when analyzing the markets
  • He shows how to use technical analysis to trail stop-loss orders
  • He shows how to use the volume indicator to help with trading breakouts

Thomas | VagaFx

Vagafx Instagram Account

Instagram username: @vagafx

The Vagafx Instagram account is helpful for learning technical analysis because it:

  • Provides technical analysis of the forex market with annotated chart examples
  • Explains technical terms like liquidity traps, order flow, hedging etc.
  • Highlights using intraday technical indicators and multiday technical indicators for trading the forex market
  • Shows how chart patterns can help spot trends

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning Technical Analysis By Following Top Instagram Accounts

Below are frequently asked questions about following Instagram accounts to learn technical analysis.

How Can You Find Top Technical Analysis Instagram Accounts?

A person can find top technical analysis based Instagram accounts by using the search function on Instagram and typing in technical analysis terms like "technical analysis", "technical indicators", "technical analysis theories" and "technical analysis strategies".

What Are The Best Hashtags To Find Top Technical Analysis Instagram Accounts?

The best hashtags to find Instagram accounts that offer technical analysis education include:

  • #technicalanalysis
  • #tradinganalysis
  • #chartpatterns
  • #technicalindicators
  • #candlestickpatterns

Does Following Technical Analysis Instagram Accounts Help A Trader To Learn Technical Analysis?

It depends on the specific Instagram account. Some accounts provide a lot of value with technical analysis education including chart analysis, chart patterns and technical indicator examples whilst others are of poor quality.

Are There Many Scams When Looking For Instagram Accounts To Learn Technical Analysis?

Yes, there are many scams on Instagram when searching for technical analysis accounts that provide useful information. Typically, a scam Instagram account can be spotted when the Instagram account posts unverifiable claims of huge trading returns or offers to sell special secret technical indicators claiming that these indicators can make big returns. These accounts should be avoided at all costs.

In our research for this article, we came across countless examples of scam Instagram accounts offering technical analysis and trading education, typically in the form of offering trading alerts or paid telegram groups so be very cautious with who you follow on Instagram.