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The 5 Best Newsletters For Learning Technical Analysis

Patrick Stockdale
Written by Patrick Stockdale | March 17, 2022

Newsletters are a great place to learn about trading and investing but with so many educational newsletters about technical analysis, it can be hard to choose the best one.

A top newsletter should provide value to your inbox and provide education on technical analysis principles.

The 5 best newsletters for learning technical analysis are:

  1. The Zanger Report
  2. ChartWatchers Newsletter
  3. Chart Advisor
  4. DailyFx Newsletter
  5. The Daily Rip

These newsletters provide market commentary, deep dives and technical analysis from various financial instruments from stocks to forex.

The Zanger Report

The Zanger Report is an email newsletter sent out by successful stock trader Dan Zanger.

Dan Zanger is famous for turning $10,000 into over $18,000,000 in 2 years. These results have been independently audited (1).

The Zanger Report Quick Facts

Below are facts about The Zanger Report:

  • Newsletter is sent out 3 nights per week, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night
  • It comes with a two week free trial to test it out
  • The newsletter focuses mainly on price chart patterns and volume of US stocks and US indices
  • Monthly membership costs $125
  • Joining The Zanger Report also provides traders with access to a live stock trading chat room
  • The newsletter has been active since 1998
  • Traders can easily sign up to the Zanger Report

What Makes The Zanger Report Great?

The Zanger Report is a great technical analysis based newsletter because:

  • It gives new traders access to the mind of a top technical analysis style swing trader
  • Dan sends out stock chart watchlists with stocks that could potentially make huge price moves
  • Dan highlights price charts of stocks with chart patterns drawn onto them with technical buy areas
  • It helps traders learn how to apply technical analysis chart patterns and volume to price charts of stocks
The Zanger Report is a weekly email newsletter sent out by famous trader Dan Zanger. It showcases stocks with chart patterns forming and technical buy and sell areas annotated.

ChartWatchers Newsletter

ChartWatchers is an email newsletter by the website that emails their email subscribers weekly.

ChartWatchers Quick Facts

Below are facts about the ChartWatchers newsletter:

  • It has over 100,000 email subscribers
  • It emails out current market commentary, price charts and technical analysis education
  • It offers investing education
  • It has over 14 expert authors
  • It’s sent out weekly
  • It’s completely free to sign up
  • Traders can easily sign up to ChartWatchers

What Makes The ChartWatchers Newsletter Great?

The ChartWatchers newsletter is a great newsletter because:

  • It educates new traders on technical analysis concepts
  • It provides free education on general trading and investing information
  • It offers stocks analysis
  • It provides information on various technical analysis indicators
  • The authors of the newsletter are experts with many years of experience using technical analysis
ChartWatchers is a technical analysis style email newsletter by delivered weekly to email subscribers.

Chart Advisor

Chart Advisor is a weekday daily email newsletter by the trading and investing information website

Chart Advisor Newsletter Quick Facts

Below are some facts about the Chart Advisor newsletter:

  • It’s published by authors
  • Emails are sent during the weekday
  • It’s free
  • New traders can join the Chart Advisor easily

What Makes The Chart Advisor Newsletter Great?

The chart advisor newsletter is a great email newsletter to join because:

  • There is technical analysis education offered by experts
  • In-depth charting analysis provided
  • Market commentary provided by experts with years of trading and investing experience
  • Covers technical analysis in multiple markets from indexes to futures and stocks
The Chart Advisor newsletter is a weekday newsletter sent out by trading and investing website It provides technical analysis training and education for new traders and investors.

DailyFx Newsletter

The DailyFx newsletter is an email newsletter published by the Forex website

DailyFx Newsletter Quick Facts

Below are facts about the Dailyfx newsletter:

  • It is emailed to subscribers weekly
  • Covers the forex market in detail
  • Sends market moving news announcement and economic calendars to subscribers
  • It’s easy to sign up to the Dailyfx newsletter

What Makes The DailyFx Newsletter Great?

The Dailyfx newsletter is great because:

  • It provides technical analysis information in the Forex markets
  • It helps offer analysis and commentary on the forex markets
  • It discusses detailed technical analysis indicators and concepts
  • It provides forex news
  • It offers technical analysis market commentary in the forex market written by experts
The Dailyfx newsletter provides weekly emails on technical analysis of the forex market for subscribers.

The Daily Rip

The daily rip is an email newsletter published by trading social media website

The Daily Rip Quick Facts

Below are facts about The Daily Rip newsletter:

  • It’s sent out daily to subscribers
  • It’s free
  • It focuses on US equities and US stock market indexes
  • It’s easy to sign up to the Daily Rip

What Makes The Daily Rip A Great Technical Analysis Newsletter ?

The Daily Rip is a great email newsletter to join because:

  • It offers technical analysis education of stocks and the stock indexes
  • It provides a summary of the stock market news
  • It offers price charts with technical analysis annotated on the charts
  • It highlights top stocks the community are watching
The Daily Rip is an email newsletter by the website It offers technical analysis of stocks in America.

What Makes These The Best Technical Analysis Newsletter?

The newsletter listed are some of the best available to traders and investors but what makes them the best?

The technical analysis email newsletters listed are the best because they are:

  • Educational: The newsletters listed are a rich source of educational material on technical analysis.
  • Low Cost: The newsletters listed are either free or a very lowly monthly cost to join.
  • Trustworthy: These technical analysis newsletters are from trustworthy and credible sources where the author is genuine with no ulterior motives of pumping stocks.

This means traders will get value from these newsletters with little to no cost.

Do Newsletters Help A New Trader Learn Technical Analysis?

This will depend on the newsletter a new trader chooses to subscribe too. There are many newsletters like The Zanger Report, The Daily Rip, Dailyfx newsletter, Chart Advisors and ChartWatchers that will help a new trader learn technical analysis, technical analysis indicators and technical analysis concepts.