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The 7 Best Technical Analysis Webinars To Learn From

Patrick Stockdale
Written by Patrick Stockdale | April 4, 2022

Technical analysis webinars are a great way for traders and investors to learn technical analysis concepts like chart patterns, technical indicators and how to apply technical analysis to any financial market.

It's also a great way to learn from expert technical analysts and top traders.

There are a number of webinars that help beginner and rookie traders and investors learn about technical analysis in detail.

The 7 best webinars to learn technical analysis are:

  1. FSB Analytics & Education webinar titled "Technical analysis for beginners"
  2. Trading With Rayner webinar titled "Ultimate Technical Analysis Trading Course"
  3. Fidelity webinar titled "Practical uses for technical analysis"
  4. Phillip Capital webinar titled "Using Charting Analysis to Time Market Entry"
  5. CMT Association webinar series titled "Technical Analysis Toolkit"
  6. Picture Trading Inc. webinar series titled "Foundations of Technical Analysis"
  7. Trading Central webinar titled "The Basics Of Technical Analysis"

These pre-recorded webinars are helpful for learning every aspect of technical analysis. They are free and do not require any sign-up to view.

They will take a new trader from a complete beginner level to a more advanced level of understanding.

Technical Analysis For Beginners Webinar By FSB Analytics & Education

This "technical analysis for beginners" webinar is hosted by Elizabeth Belugina of FSB Analytics & Education.

The FSB Analytics & Education webinar covers:

The webinar will help complete beginners get an understanding of technical analysis.

Webinar By FSB Analytics & Education →

Ultimate Technical Analysis Trading Course By Trading With Rayner

This "ultimate technical analysis trading course" webinar is hosted by former prop trader and trading Youtuber Rayner Theo.

The Trading With Rayner webinar covers:

  • Technical analysis terminology explained
  • The technical analysis tools traders and investors need
  • Understanding drawing tools on price charts
  • Understanding support & resistance levels
  • How to draw trend channels on financial price charts
  • How to read candlestick patterns like engulfing candles and hammers etc.
  • How to read chart patterns like pennants, bullish flags etc.
  • How to use technical indicators in technical analysis including moving averages, average true range, donchian channel etc.
  • Advanced technical analysis strategies
  • Adding multiple trading indicators together to read price charts

This is one of the best webinars to learn technical analysis. It takes a new trader from beginner concepts to more advanced concepts in the 42-minute webinar.

Webinar By TradingWithRayner →

Practical Uses For Technical Analysis By Fidelity

The "practical uses for technical analysis" is an intermediate-level technical analysis webinar hosted by trading and investment brokerage firm Fidelity.

The Fidelity webinar covers:

  • Intermediate level technical analysis concepts
  • Using technical indicators to create trading strategies and trading signals
  • Understanding of advanced technical indicators
  • How to set price targets and stop-loss levels by using technical analysis
  • How to make trades from the price action on financial charts

The webinar is just over 50 minutes in length and is better suited for those that already have a basic understanding of technical analysis.

*One note about this webinar is the sound quality is not the best.

Webinar By Fidelity →

Using Charting Analysis To Time Market Entry By Phillip Capital

The "using charting analysis to time market entry" webinar is hosted by speaker Tan Me Ling from the US securities and clearing broker Philip Capital.

The Phillip Capital webinar covers:

  • Types of price charts
  • Understanding candlesticks
  • Common candlestick patterns
  • Common trends
  • Leading and lagging indicators
  • Drawing support & resistance levels on charts
  • Understanding chart patterns like channels
  • Using technical indicators with chart patterns

The pre-recorded webinar is 1hr 22 minutes in length.

Webinar By Phillip Capital →

Technical Analysis Toolkit By CMT Association

The "technical analysis toolkit" is a 5 part webinar series by CMT Association.

The CMT Association webinar series covers:

  • The basics of technical analysis
  • How to identify trends
  • How to apply technical indicators to price charts
  • How to understand different market conditions from trending markets to price consolidation periods
  • Reading and understanding price action in financial markets
  • Practical application of technical analysis

One of the great benefits of this webinar series is it's hosted by the Chartered Market Technician Association, an association for training individuals to become technical analysts so the information is high quality.

Webinar By The CMT Association →

Basics of Technical & Chart Analysis By Picture Trading Inc.

The "basics of technical & chart analysis" webinar series is hosted by CMT Patrick Ceresna of Big Picture Inc.

The Big Picture Inc. webinar series covers:

  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Types of charts
  • Basic technical analysis theories
  • Multi timeframe technical analysis
  • Various chart patterns
  • Risk management strategies using technical analysis

This is another great series of webinars for learning technical analysis for complete beginners.

Webinar Series By Big Picture Inc. →

The Basics Of Technical Analysis By Trading Central

The basics of technical analysis webinar is hosted by Remy Gaussens from Trading Central.

The Trading Central webinar covers:

  • Beginner level technical analysis definitions and concepts
  • How to identify trends
  • Finding important support and resistance levels
  • Reading common chart patterns like head and shoulders
  • Practical examples of applying technical analysis to analyze price charts
  • How to identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market
  • How to understand technical analysis oscillators
  • Sample chart price action in various currency pairs

This technical analysis webinar will offer a beginner-level understanding of various concepts in technical analysis.

Webinar By Trading Central →

In Summary

All these webinars listed will help take a new trader's understanding of technical analysis from a beginner to a more advanced level.

The majority of these webinars are under an hour long. Some of the webinars also provide PDFs and transcripts for free to download.

After watching a technical analysis webinar, traders can practice what they learn in any financial market from the stock market, options markets, futures, commodities, currencies etc.

The webinars will also teach new traders how to develop their own technical analysis style trading strategies as well as any pitfalls to be aware of with applying technical analysis concepts to the markets.