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The 7 Best Websites To Learn Technical Analysis

Patrick Stockdale
Written by Patrick Stockdale | March 16, 2022

There are a number of websites that offer technical analysis education to their readers.

With so many online resources for learning about technical analysis, it can be hard to find a high-quality website to learn from.

The top websites listed are beginner-friendly and help new traders and investors learn technical analysis, technical trading indicators, chart patterns and advanced technical analysis concepts and theories.

The 7 best websites to learn technical analysis are:

  1. Best for educating new traders on technical analysis in the stock market.
  2. Best for learning technical analysis in the forex markets.
  3. Best for learning technical analysis through an official technical analysis association.
  4. Top website for learning chart patterns.
  5. Best for offering education in technical analysis of various markets.
  6. Best website for offering beginner courses to learn technical analysis
  7. Best website for offering technical analysis and chart pattern advice from a full time trader’s perspective.

These websites offer both free and/or paid education on technical analysis.


The website offers free education on all things technical analysis with a particular focus on technical analysis of the stock markets in America.

To find the technical analysis education on, go to the section labelled “chart school” on the website.

This high quality section provides great information with a great user experience for learning.

Why The Chart School On Is Great For Learning Technical Analysis?

The chart school webpage of the website is great because it offers multiple helpful resources to learn technical analysis completely free and in a structured manner.

These useful resources discuss:

  • An Overview Of Technical Analysis: This is great for assisting new traders in gaining an understanding of the basics fundamentals of technical analysis.
  • Chart Analysis: This section of the chart school webpage helps new traders and investors learn about the methods used to analyze financial price charts.
  • Technical Indicators & Overlays: This area provides detailed information on technical indicators and overlay indicators like Moving Averages.
  • A Technical Analysis Glossary: This section helps new traders learn about terminology in technical analysis.
  • Technical Trading Strategies Information: This section helps traders learn new technical analysis style trading strategies.
The Chart School webpage section of is a great resource to learn technical analysis. Information is delivered for free through articles, videos, audio and images.


The website is a great website to learn technical analysis with a particular focus on technical analysis of the forex markets.

To find the technical analysis education section on, go to the webpage labelled “School of Pipsology” on the website.

The technical analysis education offered by is delivered through videos, article, images and quizzes.

To view the videos, articles, quizzes and images, simply enter an email address to gain access.

Why The School Of Pipsology On Is Great For Learning Technical Analysis?

The school of pipsology is great for learning technical analysis because it offers useful guides, tips and resources on all things technical analysis.

These guides, tips and resources discuss:

  • Types Of Price Charts In Technical Analysis: This section helps new traders learn about the different types of price charts used for technical analysis like Japanese Candlesticks, Point & Figure Charts, Line Charts and Heikin Ashi Charts.
  • Understanding popular technical trading indicators: This section helps educate new traders on popular trading indicators in the currency markets like Fibonacci Levels, Moving Averages, Support & Resistance Levels, Oscillators & Momentum Indicators and Pivot Points.
  • Elliot Wave Theory & Harmonic Price Patterns: This section helps teach traders about technical analysis theories like the Elliot Wave Theory and Harmonic Price Patterns.
  • Chart Patterns, Price Breakouts & Multiple Time Frame Technical Analysis: This section educates new traders on chart patterns, price breakouts and applying technical analysis to multiple time frames from 1 minute to daily price charts.
The website has a section on their website called “School of Pipsology” that educates new forex traders on technical analysis in the currency markets.


The website is the official chartered market technician association where beginners can learn to become professional technical analysts.

They have a great section on their website called the “CMT Knowledge Base” where new traders and investors can learn technical analysis through articles and guides.

Why The CMT Knowledge Base On Is Great For Learning Technical Analysis?

The CMT Knowledge Base webpage is great for learning tehcnical analysis becuase it offers resources, guides and articles to help educate on technical analysis concepts.

These resources, guides and articles in the CMT Knowledge Base discuss:

  • Drawing Trendlines In Technical Analysis: These articles help new traders annotate price charts of various markets with trendlines and support and resistance levels.
  • Applying Technical Analysis In Various Markets: New traders can filter for technical analysis guides in specific markets like Bonds, Stocks, Forex, Futures etc.
  • Volatility, Mean Reversion & Breakout Indicators: These guides in the CMT knowledge base help educate traders on various types of technical analysis indicators.
  • Technical Analysis Terminology: This section provides detailed definitions of technical analysis terms.
The website is an official technical analysis association website that offers multiple technical analysis education in their website section labeled CMT Knowledge Base.

4. is a technical analysis website owned by author Thomas Bulkowski.

It offers guides, videos, images and articles on technical analysis with a particular focus on the study of chart patterns.

Why Is Great For Learning Technical Analysis?

ThePatternSite is great for learning technical analysis because it offers helpful guides, articles, images and resources on technical analysis for free. The main focus of this website is chart patterns.

The resources, articles and guides on ThePatternSite discuss:

  • Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns: The website covers the most popular chart patterns used including Head & Shoulders, Bull & Bear Flags, Wedges and Triangles.
  • Technical Indicators Explanations: The website covers technical indicators in detail, including examples of using technical indicators on live price charts.
  • Pattern Recognition Software: The site also covers it’s pattern recognition software which is a tool to help find chart patterns in various markets.
Summary offers education on chart patterns with the study of technical analysis.

5. is a financial education website that has a useful section on their website for people wishing to learn technical analysis

The website provides information in video, article and image format.

The main section where they discuss technical analysis is the webpage titled “ Guide to Technical Analysis

This guide consists of over 55 webpages of highly structured information on technical analysis for complete beginners.

Why Is Great For Learning Technical Analysis? is great for learning about technical analysis because it offers education from experts in the field of technical analysis including chartered market technicians and technical analysts.

The “Guide to Technical Analysis” webpages discuss:

  • Introduction & Basics Of Technical Analysis: The Investopedia site offers guides on an introduction to technical analysis.
  • Technical Analysis History: Guides on the origins of technical analysis with historical information.
  • Using Technical Indicators: The website covers all technical indicators used to read price charts as well as examples, benefits and disadvantages of the indicators.
  • Tips On Technical Analysis Courses/Books: The website offers advice and tips on finding technical analysis books and courses.
  • Technical Analysis Theories: The website educates readers on technical analysis theories like Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Principles etc.
Summary is a financial education website with many helpful articles to help traders and investors learn technical analysis completely free.

6. is an online course website that offers over 183,000 courses in many different categories.

There are a number of useful course with lots of technical analysis information. A new trader can find the technical analysis offering by searching for technical analysis on Udemy.

Why Is A Great Website To Learn Technical Analysis?

The website Udemy is great because it offers high quality courses from expert instructors on technical analysis.

Topics discussed within Udemy technical analysis courses include:

  • Technical Analysis A to Z: This website has courses that educate new traders on everything related to technical analysis from start to finish.
  • Applying Technical Analysis In The Options Market: This website has courses that teach new traders how to use technical analysis in option markets.
  • Using Pivot Points & Technical Indicators: Udemy offers course which discuss how to use pivot points and other technical indicators to trade.
  • Technical Trading Strategies Information: This website has courses that offer videos and guides on technical trading strategies.
Summary is a website that offers many educational and informative courses on technical analysis.


The is a website operated by full time stock trader TraderStewie. The website has a useful resource section which provides information on technical analysis through articles, videos and images.

Why The Is A Top Website For Learning Technical Analysis?

The is a top website to learn technical analysis because it provides well structured and detailed guides on technical analysis at no cost.

The resource webpages of the website discuss:

  • Information On How To Trade Chart Patterns: The website provides detailed video and written guides on how to trade chart patterns.
  • Information On Technical Trading Indicators: The website offers free guides on various technical indicators like the MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands etc.
  • Relative Strength & Relative Weakness In Technical Analysis: The website offers guides on how to spot relative strength and weakness in stocks in the US equity market.
The website offers guides on technical analysis, how to trade chart patterns and technical indicators completely free.


The websites listed will assist new traders and investors in learning everything within technical analysis.

They offer informative, well structed and detailed information that is easy to grasp.

A beginner trader or investor should start by reading articles on the websites offering free technical analysis information like and before moving to a paid option like Udemy.